Prison & Resettlement

A key part of our work is our resettlement service for young adults who are serving custodial sentences. We take an holistic approach to reduce violence and change behaviours. Our resettlement/in reach support ensures our relationship with those at risk is maintained throughout their sentence/release. We aim to provide real pathways out of reoffending and violence. We will work with our participants addressing a whole host of needs including accommodation, education/training, employment, health, family relationships and other identified welfare issues. We provide an open minded, non-judgemental service and will continue to work with our participants no matter how long it takes. Our support is tailored to their individual’s needs.   

Our process involves:

Gate collection, resettle at home/hostel and address imminent needs such as benefits.

Regular contact; support;

guidance whilst

in prison

Assessing the individuals needs and working in partnership with others to prepare a release settlement plan

Assist in accessing training/education, to become job ready, confident and resilient to searching for work making changes in life.

Goal setting realistic targets to achieve positive outcomes, prepare for release and implement positive change

Mother of a long term prisoner:

“He is so much better now, it is a complete turnaround. His behaviour, his way of thinking. It definitely is due to building up trust with Chaos Theory. You guys don’t judge him; you look at him like an ordinary person and get him through what he’s going through.  Speaking about things helps him; he is a lot calmer now.” He is much calmer, before he was quite an angry violent person. He used to start arguments in prison and lash out if someone wasn’t willing to listen to him.  He hasn’t opened up to me yet about why he did what he did but in time I think he will one day. He will more than likely open up to Chaos Theory.”

“To me violence means death or jail. This is because I have trained my mind to think like that and think of the consequences of your actions.”

- Participant

Service User Feedback:

Male,  26 - released from Custody on Licence:


Since being released from prison a few months ago, they have helped me a lot in the sense of housing and lots of application forms. I spent years in prison and received little support and had no support. Julian is really good as I'm getting a lot done in such a short time. They have helped me with my provisional licence, I’ve completed a full CV. I have been helped with advice and supported in how to move forward in my life, referred to several agencies looking for work. I am for once, now finally feeling very confident in my future with the help CT has given me and I will continue to engage with them.  

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